Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is a lethal gas that is undetectable by sight, smell or taste. It is also a natural bi-product of burning fossil fuels, and can be produced by improperly fitted or maintained gas appliances in the home. To minimize the risk of producing Carbon Monoxide in your property, it is crucial that all gas appliances are inspected and checked every year by a Gas Safety Registered Engineer.

Signs of a faulty appliance include the following:-

  • Flames that are normally blue burning are now orange/yellow.
  • Pilot light frequently blows out.
  • Appliance is difficult to light.
  • Increased condensation forming inside the windows.
  • Appliance has soot or yellow/brown stains around it.

If you spot any of these warning signs, you should switch off the appliances and arrange for a Gas Safety Registered engineer to inspect it before you use it again.
In addition to regular checks, a Carbon Monoxide alarm, will give you added peace of mind. These should not be fitted near to gas appliances (within 3 meters) or near to smoke alarms.

A Carbon Monoxide alarm should never be considered a substitute for regular inspections by a Gas Safety Registered Professional.

As it is so difficult to detect the presence of Carbon Monoxide fumes, the first sign of mild exposure can be Flu like symptoms. However, in extreme cases the fumes can cause death within a few hours. NHS Direct puts the number of deaths each year in the UK from accidental Carbon Monoxide poisoning at 50 and rising, with a further 200 people seriously injured.

Furthermore, research commissioned by the HSE found that 8% of homes tested were at risk of “Dangerous Levels” of Carbon Monoxide.

For £25 you can arrange for a Carbon Monoxide alarm to be supplied and fitted on your next inspection/ service visit by one of our engineers.If more than one is required we will discount down the units required.

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