Central Heating Systems

New central heating system installed, or existing system
upgrades available.

We can offer a full choice of how you heat your home, whether you choose to have a new boiler installed onto existing pipe work and radiators, or decide a full new central heating system fitted, we will work hard to find the right solution to meet your needs.

Installing central heating systems requires high levels of qualification, skill and experience.
Our central heating engineers are Gas Safe registered, fully trained and qualified to design, install, repair, Powerflush and service your central heating systems.

There are three main types of central heating systems

Combination Boilers

Combination boilers are now the most popular systems in Britain.
They provide heat for radiators and domestic hot water instantly, doing away with the need for a hot water cylinder. They are also sealed systems so there is no need to have any tanks in the loft. They are perfect for small houses and flats.
They are not ideal however for larger properties which are likely to have more than one hot water draw off at one time. As a general rule they work very well for 1-3 people homes, 4 and upwards you would be better served by a system boiler, or open vented boiler combined with a hot water cylinder. However there are high powered combi boilers on the market now that can deal with large family homes.

Open Vented Boilers

Unique to Britain they use a small tank in the loft to feed the system and take expansion of the heated water. They supply heat to the radiators directly and supply hot water to the taps indirectly through a hot water cylinder, which takes its water supply from a second tank in the loft. If your system is old, the chances are this is the system you will have. The Open Vented Systems main advantage over a combi boiler, is you have stored hot water, so you can run a shower, bath and keep the central heating on all at the same time. The main disadvantage is once the hot water runs out it will take a while to re-heat the stored water. You also need the space for the cylinder and tanks in the loft.

System Boilers

A System Boiler works in a similar way to an open vented boiler but is a step forwards. It incorporates the pump, expansion vessel and pressure relief valve within the boiler making it a fully sealed system. So if combined with an unvented hot water cylinder, it does away with the need for any tanks in the loft. The unvented cylinder and system boiler provides the benefit of mains pressure hot water for fast bath fill and powerful showers, without the need for shower pumps. It also has a fast recovery time for when the stored hot water has run out. It is the ultimate system for a larger family home but is more expensive to fit. It is probably excessive for smaller properties which would be served perfectly by a combi.

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