What is a Powerflush?

A Power flush is the most effective way of fully cleaning a central heating system. It provides enormous benefit to the efficiency of a system that’s full of sludge.

Does your system have any of the following?

  • Cold spots on radiators?
  • Is your central heating system slow to warm up?
  • Do your radiators need bleeding regularly?
  • Is the water in the system dirty?
  • Do you have repeated pump failures?
  • Do you have a noisy boiler?

Any of these symptoms could indicate that your system is suffering from circulation problems from internal corrosion causing sludge. This in turn means that your heating system has to work much longer and harder than when it was new to achieve a comfortable room temperature, wasting energy and money on your fuel bills.

If you have a new boiler installed, many manufactures insist your system is power flushed before the boiler is fitted or they will cancel the warranty. This is because they know the dirty water will reduce the efficiency, and can cause premature failures.

What will a Powerflush do?

A very powerful pump will be connected to your central heating system. This will pump water round at high velocity to loosen the sludge and debris that is making your central heating inefficient. Attached to the pump is a hugely powerful magnet, this grabs the sludge (metal deposits) as they pass by.

Chemicals are added to aide in this process, this is then pumped through all the radiators individually to give the best possible results.

All of the sludge water is then replaced with fresh clean water, and an inhibitor is added to the system to prevent any further corrosion from sludge forming. A powerflush can usually be done in 3-6 hours.

After the Powerflush you will get:

  • A fully cleaned, efficient system
  • Working hot radiators
  • Lower fuel bills
  • Peace of mind
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